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Secure. Reliable. Precise. Genieforge can save your business £1000’s

Swansea based company Genieforge empowers small and medium-sized enterprises to reap the benefits of open source.

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What is open source?

Open source software is developed by a community of people with a common goal. The code is open, so anyone can improve and make changes to the code. Popular examples of open source are Firefox and Android OS.

Why is open source more secure?

Because open source code is updated regularly, it is typically more secure against threats such as viruses. Any bugs or exploits are fixed quickly, which is why 82% of all websites are hosted on open source servers.

How can open source save you money?

Open source code is freely available to everyone. At Genieforge we choose to contribute a percentage of our profits to open source projects and we do not (and will never) charge any licensing fees for free open source software.

Our popular solutions

We teach our clients to manage their own websites, through intuitive Content Management Systems.
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We build our telephony servers on Asterisk*, the most powerful telephony engine in the world.
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Our Enterprise Resource Planner solutions streamline and automate business management.
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As well as our core solutions, we also offer video, design, copy-writing and proofreading services.
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Welcome to Genieforge

Genieforge is based in Swansea and works with Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to provide affordable solutions for business. All of our software is based on open source code, which is more secure, reliable and precise than proprietary software. Choosing open source is an ethical decision. We chose open source as we believe software and knowledge should be free and accessible. Thankfully, millions of others share our opinion, which drives open source applications to consistently outperform paid solutions.

Having witnessed the effects that bad IT practices have on the stability and revenue of SME’s, Genieforge was set up to offer affordable and forthright IT services.

Telephony, online presence and business management are extremely important aspects of a modern company, and here at Genieforge we ensure that such systems work seamlessly and never experience downtime. We know that even a minute of downtime can be extremely detrimental to a company. All of our systems are regularly backed up and updated.